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About my work . . .

My work of art is the reflection of a mind through form and colours and tries to achieve new dimensions to my painting on a par with my mental attitude.

Yoga is one of the powerful movement of the body which keep this element fit, thus this has been fascinating me to work in this yogic forms and my paintings are very personal which represent human body the beautiful element in this earth.

In my painting, the group of yogic form gives an aerobic movement in the form of flower. To show the flexibility of yogi the flower carpet has emerged.

What do I believe about human nature? What do I believe about the abilities and potential of the human? Is humanism a paradigm that emphasizes the freedom, dignity of humans?

There are times that an artist looks for a new direction in his art, seeks mediums beyond current repertoire. This often leads to a drastic change, or for artist to explore a whole new medium and come up with a body of work in a totally different medium.

I brought out my paintings in a 3 dimensional way with a help of another medium, every yoga poses are just an icon in my work, which can be displayed in two or three ways and the way the light catches and plays with these forms, make emote differently in each environment that they are placed in.

With contemporary method of using new medium with our old tradition of yoga and the heritage architecture around me fascinated me to connect past and present.

Shailesh BO . . .

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